Site Preparation Requirements for your Shed

In order to install your shed, we need to be sure your site is prepared. Please check the following conditions:

  • No trees branches lower than 15ft overhead in the path of the delivery truck
  • No bushes or shrubbery impeding the delivery truck.
    3ft working area around site is needed.
  • The customer is responsible for removal of fences, trimming of low branches, removal of debris, animal waste, or any other items in the way of delivery. IF FENCE POSTS ARE REMOVED FOR ACCESS, HOLES MUST BE COVERED OVER AND NOT LEFT EXPOSED.
  • Vehicles should be moved out of the way of delivery and kept from the edge of the driveway prior to arrival of your shed.
  • The area should be no more than 12″ unlevel. To check the grade difference, find a straight 2×4 of sufficient length. With a 4′ level on top find the highest ground, while in level position measure from the bottom of the 2×4 to the ground on the lowest side as follows:
  • A stone base is recommended if the site needs to be leveled. The base should be made 2ft larger than the size of the shed (ex: 10×16 shed needs a 12’x18’ base) using¾” crushed stone approximately 3-4″ thick and laser level. The stone base must be flat and level, not placed to the slope of the land.