Frequently Asked Questions2021-09-15T15:30:25-04:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the shed come with a ramp standard?2021-09-13T09:08:20-04:00

No, this is an option on all sheds.

Can I have taller walls?2021-09-13T09:08:40-04:00

Yes, with an up-charge cost on the shed.

Can I place my shed on a slab?2021-09-13T09:09:00-04:00

Yes, as long as the slab is the exact size of your shed.

Does the shed come with a lock?2021-09-13T09:09:18-04:00

Yes, all shed doors come with a T-handle lock included.

Do I need to be home all day the shed is being built?2021-09-13T09:09:25-04:00

You are only needed for about 20 minutes to approve the location of the shed and show the location of power.

What if it is raining on my shed installation date?2021-09-13T09:09:34-04:00

This is a safety issue. You will receive a call early on the morning of installation if we are not going to build that day.

Do I need to have a power cord out to the shed site?2021-10-03T19:48:29-04:00

No, we bring all tools and cords to build your shed. We do need access to power.

Are all sheds placed on blocks?2021-09-13T09:09:53-04:00

Yes, all sheds are placed on blocks even sheds with a stone base.

Can I choose my own vinyl color?2021-09-13T09:10:03-04:00

Yes, we stock approximately 16 colors to choose from.

Do you require a stone base for the shed?2021-09-13T09:10:14-04:00

No, some sites that are unlevel can be leveled with a stone base.

Do I supply blocks for the shed?2021-09-13T09:10:28-04:00

No, we bring all the blocks to build the shed on.

Is there a delivery fee?2021-09-13T09:10:42-04:00

No, the price of the shed includes delivery and installation in our area.

Can I paint the floor in my shed?2021-09-13T09:10:51-04:00

Yes, you can use any good floor paint.

Can I choose the placement of doors and windows for my shed?2021-07-14T15:22:10-04:00

Yes, we offer many options both in terms of door style and placement on the shed. Same for windows. For example, if you need doors placed off center or want only one window to gain more shelving space inside, that is no problem.

Can I paint my shed any color?2021-08-15T20:09:21-04:00

Yes, LP siding we recommend a good acrylic latex paint Pine siding we recommend a solid stain or clear finish.

Can I make changes after my order is placed?2021-09-13T09:10:59-04:00

Yes, purchasers have 10 days from the date of order to change style, size, and color. All changes must be made in writing, and a revised signed sales order must be issued.

Do you offer a warranty?2021-10-03T19:50:05-04:00

Our reputation is very important to us! Parker Sheds will deliver or install your sheds free of structural defects. All buildings come with a five-year warranty against defects in material in workmanship and a thirty-year structural and roof shingle warranty.

Purchaser is required to care for and maintain their shed. Parker Sheds reserves the right to revoke all warranties in cases of neglect, abuse, or improper usage.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Painting on LP Smart Side and Clapboard is considered routine maintenance and is only covered under warranty for the first year.
  • Excluding all doors, windows, screens, ramps, siding, winds over 55 MPH, or natural disasters.
  • This warranty extends only to the original purchaser. There are no other warranties expressed or implied, either oral or in writing.
  • Our sheds are sold with intended use of household and yard storage. Any changes to the intended use by the purchaser then becomes the responsibility of the purchaser to maintain.
How should I prepare my yard for the shed?2021-09-13T09:11:16-04:00

Prior to installation, make sure you have a shed location that is level with three feet clear on all sides of the shed. Our crew will also need safe off street parking to unload/load with in 100’ of installation site and a clear path to site.

Do I need a building permit?2021-09-13T09:11:21-04:00

Where applicable, building permits are the responsibility of the purchaser. In all cases, the purchaser should check with their local building department for requirements. Some towns and cities require a permit. Some towns may require sheds to be anchored. Anchors are sold at an additional cost.

What is your cancellation policy?2021-09-13T09:11:27-04:00

The purchaser has 10 days from the date of order to cancel the order and be returned 100% of their deposit. All cancellations or changes must be made in writing. Following the 10 day period, the purchaser may cancel order. However, once we resell the cancelled order, we will then refund their deposit minus service fees. We reserve the right to issue no refunds on all orders canceled or undeliverable following the 10-day period. There are no returns on sheds that have been delivered to the purchaser.

Customer Testimonials

We had Parker Sheds build our pool house. It came out so amazing. It coordinates to our house perfectly and is beautiful. The installers and sales folks were also very professional and efficient.

Jtsetter c, Google Review

We bought our beautiful Parker Shed in April, 2018. We had a few minor problems with the shed over the winter and Parker Shed came and did an excellent job of fixing the problems to our complete satisfaction. I would 100% recommend Parker Shed. They have beautiful sheds.

Ellen Vissman, Facebook Review

Parker Shed is the best! Quality, delivery, customer service & more!

Ginny Wandell, Facebook Review

Excellent service. Extensive selection. Accommodating.

Mike Paquette, Google Review
I couldn’t be happier with Parker Sheds… a positive experience at every step from purchase to delivery.
Ann Thomas, Google Review

Great job. Best of all they were on time, didn’t cancel over rain, waiting patiently for a break in the sky to install. Good quality lumber used unlike others… definitely would recommend forward.

Melvin Elias Silverio, Facebook Review

Great people and product at a fair price.

Paul LaPorte, Google Review

High-Quality, Custom Sheds for sale starting at $3929.

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